Irene Schaefer


the heart of birthlatch

Hello, I’m Irene the founder of Birthlatch. I carry in my heart the true “Doula Spirit”.

“Mothering the Mother” and nourishing family bonding during the birth year brings me such joy! Sharing wonderful birth memories and assisting to enhance bonding within families is what Birthlatch is all about. Passionately providing Birth and Breastfeeding Preparation, Doula care at birth and home, as well as Lactation Consults is what I love. At my core, I am happiest in this work accompanying, mentoring, and caring for pregnant women and their families during this special time in their lives.

Having a depth of knowledge and experience with perinatal education, pregnancy, birthing, doula care, breastfeeding and infants - I hope you will give me the privilege to serve your family.

A Little History

As a child I wanted to be a Mom and to help people when I grew up. Then I wanted to be a nurse as well because I loved taking care of people, but I was afraid of needles. Answering my calling, I became a Mom and later a nurse after confronting my fears.  I understand anxiety related to medical issues.

Before completing nursing school, I became a DONA Certified Birth Doula and a Mentor with Birthing From Within, providing birth doula services and birth preparation classes in the Cincinnati area. After moving to Florida and becoming an experienced Obstetric Nurse and Lactation Consultant, I became certified with Lamaze International through Terri Shilling and Passion For Birth, teaching parents in the community and hospitals. Now with experiences in Labor and Delivery, Mom/Baby, Pediatrics and NICU – I have returned to my roots in Doula work through DONA International.

Training and Experience

I return to the Doula profession as a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. I selected top trainers in the country from DONA International and have traveled to and received their training workshops, wealth of knowledge and gift of leadership. These amazing Doula trainers are HeatherGail Lovejoy and Robin Elise Weiss. I first contacted Melissa Cook Harvey, while starting my ‘rebirthing’ process. She is another gifted DONA trainer, who gave me needed encouragement to honor my passion serving Moms and families, affirming and rekindling my “Doula Spirit”. Finally, I had the wonderful opportunity to take my first Doula training workshop from the incredible Penny Simkin, a founder of DONA International and an absolute leader and legend in the field.  To this day I remember how thrilled I was to begin that training. I am grateful.


I Look Forward to Connecting and Sharing Memories With You.