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Birthlatch will be an exhibitor at the third annual Tampa Bay Baby Bash on October 2nd at the Babies"R"Us in Wesley Chapel, FL. Come for goodies, exclusive deals, and to show support.



Nurturing Positive Birth Memories and Family Bonding

All women and families served will look forward to the birth of their baby and birth year joyously. Each woman and family will feel that they have been supported on that journey. Ultimately, they will cherish positive birth memories and their family bonding experience for the rest of their lives.

Birthlatch respects and serves all families in their beautiful diversity, regardless of culture or lifestyle.

Based in Trinity, Florida, Birthlatch serves families in the Tampa Bay Area.


Provided With Years of Experience

These services may be offered separately, in combination and as a comprehensive package.

Shared Memories

From Parents and Colleagues

“What would I have done without Irene? She helped Richard and I through the whole process. During delivery she made me and my wishes her priority. She made Richard and I comfortable in uncharted territory. I had a wonderful delivery because of my two supporters present in my delivery room. I will use her the next pregnancy too. She will help support me again and even help with the new big sister. Thank you again for everything! I could go on forever.”
First time Mom
“I was privileged to work closely with Irene when we were both starting our journeys as birth professionals. Irene’s gifts are both visionary and practical. For every parent, she holds the space for birth as right of passage while bringing a comforting, capable presence in the nitty gritty of the experience. She is sensitive, intuitive and strong.”
“After my daughter Claire’s birth, Kathy was suddenly rushed into a surgical suite. When I called Irene, she immediately told me to do something that I had missed. 'Go to the baby,' she said.  'Her first feeding should be from family and right now, you are it.' Sometimes, Dads are lost and don’t know what to do. With that reminder, I got up to the nursery and fed Claire. Not all Doula support is for Moms.”
Second time Dad
“Irene was a solid rock of support and encouragement in the most difficult time of my life. I had an emergency c-section, at 26 weeks pregnant and both me and my very premature baby were admitted to the ICU and NICU.  Irene educated me on the importance of my breast milk for my baby's survival. With her guidance and care while I was in ICU, I was able to supply my baby with my milk so that he could have everything possible to live. She then stayed by my entire family’s side encouraging Skin to Skin with not only me but my husband as well. After a very long three month stay in NICU, we left the hospital with a 6 pound happy healthy baby. My family will always be grateful for Irene, she was an integral part in my babies survival and life long development.”
Jessica Smith 
Mom of three
“I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my girls and I had them prematurely so they spent the first month of their lives in the NICU. I was nervous though motivated to learn everything I could about breastfeeding my twins and Irene was there every step of the way. I was able to persevere despite obstacles to breastfeed my daughters. Because of Irene’s gentle and enthusiastic guidance, I felt empowered. My girls are healthier and happier and our bond is strong because I met and worked with Irene.”
Dr. Emily Lazarou
First time Mom of twins
“Irene educated me in many ways. First and for-most how to be the best mother I could be, especially as a teen mother. She always left the floor open for you if you had a problem or needed to talk about your feelings. As young mothers, she was always defending us, assuring us that we could do this and it was possible. She gave us hope! She was always there for you when you needed her! She was in my hospital room not ten minutes after my son's birth. Irene is an amazing women!”
Former Cyesis student


Part of an International Community

The organization links below offer wonderfully rich resources and support for parents and professionals. Parents are especially encouraged to explore DONA International and Lamaze International.


I Look Forward to Connecting and Sharing Memories With You.