Dedicated to Parents Pursuing Positive Birth Memories and Family Bonding

Birthlatch is a bountiful resource for parents during their birth year and lactation journey. Parents working with Birthlatch will always have their personal goals respected. With the supports of educational Workshops, Doula Care and Lactation Consults, parents can embrace and latch on to all that is transpiring during this rite of passage and pursue their goals. Parents will receive exceptional preparation and nourishing support that empowers. Providing these services allows me to fulfill my dream of doing the work I love while passing on knowledge and care to families compassionately.


Birthlatch offers individually tailored, creative workshops with an emphasis on gaining knowledge and empowerment for your birthing and birth year journey that will enhance your positive birth memories. Parents will enjoy a rich assortment of multi-sensory participatory activities steered by their needs and desires. These workshops will allow participants to focus on this pregnancy, the upcoming birth and parenting in a way that encourages family bonding while gaining skills and confidence. Workshops are offered within a small group or privately.

Lamaze International has a wonderfully extensive website that provides parents with many resources.

Birthlatch recommends playing Down The Canal The Game of Birth as a fun revolutionary new way to learn about pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum! Parents and Birth Professionals, here is your chance to purchase a wonderfully engaging board game all about birthing and the childbearing year! It can be played at home, in classes, at baby showers, individually and on teams. This is an out of the box experience that engages all who play in opportunities for discussion, learning and relationship building. For a good time, check it out!


The Doula will meet with the parents once or twice prenatally to discuss their ideal birth and how they envision being supported during that special time. The Birth Doula will then go on call two weeks before their ‘due date’ and be available until the birthday. Following their desires, the Doula will assist by providing physical and emotional comfort measures during the labor and birth. Instilling a calm confidence with evidenced based information and empowering with engaging encouragement, the journey to birth will be celebrated together. The Doula will remain for the first hour or so after the birth and will make a home visit around three weeks postpartum.

Please visit DONA International for further explanations about birth and postpartum doulas and FAQs.


The Postpartum Doula will provide “Mothering” for the family to ease the transition as they bring their baby home. The Doula supports by assisting the parents with light household duties, sibling care, meal preparation and errands along with infant care, information and education as needed. General Breastfeeding support and tips are provided (if that is their feeding choice) as well as fostering togetherness of the Mom and baby in the early days. These services assist parents with feeling more at ease and confident taking care of the newborn and each other while responsibilities of the household are being handled competently and in trusted hands. As parents gain skills and confidence to continue on independently they are empowered and praised.


Promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding is dear to my heart. Beginning with the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and Mom parents will explore topics to gain knowledge and practical tips for reaching their personal breastfeeding goals. Information regarding the Importance of Skin To Skin care with the establishment of early breastfeeding and milk supply as well as other benefits will be discussed. Positions for breastfeeding will be practiced. Tips on how to support a breastfeeding Mom and baby, in addition to positive signs of a good latch and milk transfer will be covered. Resources, referrals, support groups in the community and praises will be given.


Lactation Consults can be scheduled in your home when assistance is needed. Many questions and challenges can be addressed with a consult from an IBCLC. Please make an appointment early in the process of a developing problem when it is easiest to correct. Thank you for choosing to breastfeed!

Trusted online resources for Breastfeeding are Kellymom and La Leche League International.


I Look Forward to Connecting and Sharing Memories With You.